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There are virtually 3000 kinds of catfish in the world, the most preferred and also commonly found to fish for in the US are the Stations Catfish, Blue Catfish, and Flathead Catfish. Channel's are smaller catfish that are numerous in numerous areas of the United States. Blue's are known for their big dimension as well as thrilling catch! Flathead's are called the tastiest catfish! Fishermens enjoy catching them for their tasty taste!


Flathead Catfish could grow to be approximately 61 in. and weigh as much as 123lbs. The ordinary length of a Flathead is regarding 25-46 inches. Inhabiting deep swimming pools, lakes, and large slow-moving rivers, flathead catfish are preferred among anglers. Flathead's choose real-time bait such as herring, sunfish, and also shad. Flathead catfish could be found near immersed wood cover such as logs as well as rootwads which commonly collect at bends in rivers. A great flathead place typically additionally includes fairly deep water compared to the remainder of a specific area of river, a mild quantity of current. Flathead Catfish are belonging to the large streams of the Mississippi, Missouri, and Ohio. They are discovered as much north as Canada, as much west as Arizona, and as far south as the Gulf of Mexico. Flatheads could be discovered in both fresh and also brackish waters.