Lowrance Hds 7 Gen 2

My individual inclination is to after that fish an item of bread crust between 1-4 inches off all-time low. Made use of combined with a feeder or just some shot on the line, crust is a lethal chub lure. With a few modifications to bait and hook size, it can after that be made use of for roach as well as barbel. Try this winter season.


Mashed bread does without uncertainty among the ideal tools in the wintertime chub angler's armoury. It is tremendously dependable at drawing chub into your swim and also placing them in a feeding mood. It can be used in small spheres as loosened feed or in a cage feeder. Commonly it's a smart idea to pop a number of tiny spheres of mashed bread right into a swim 15 or 20 mins prior to fishing, just to get them mooching concerning for even more. When mashed bread is ready correctly you end up with a wonderful damp, stodgy blend, that when it goes into the water begins to separate practically promptly. As the mash begins to descend to the bottom, items of bread will certainly be cracking away and the round of mash quickly breaks up completely. It leaves a luring trail of smidgens of mash throughout the water columns. It's a technique that hardly ever over feeds the fish, due to the size of the little bits that crack away.