Gary Yamamoto Crawdad

"Panther Lake will certainly sink into the ground in twenty years" declares Kent Mayor Suzette Chef. What a misfortune, exactly what a calamity. No public authorities or firm is willing to communicate to protect this priceless public possession. I believe the politicians are incapable to view the spectacular splendor dancing before them. They decide on rather to consider monetary commitments. The State of Washington unloaded an all-natural calamity package deal that included the spectacular gem of the Benson Corridor on an innocent Border Evaluation Board and inevitably on a District. However, there is a far more important trouble for Panther Lake as well as individuals which canoe, swim, fish, play and breathe air.


Panther Lake of Kent absolutely suits that description however it is not an issue for King Region Parks. Who is liable for the Panther Lake tidy up? I'm aged, but if we don't act quickly I will certainly live to see the last fingerling flap concerning in the muck competing for a hopeless breath of oxygen. A frightening idea for me as well as the children of Kent