Fishing Okuma

If you have actually driven the Benson (WA 515) you have actually passed close to Panther Lake in Kent WA. You can not see it from the roadway. If you really did not recognize it existed you remain in good business. Fifty thousand folks reside in the surrounding area. Many do not know it is there. Lots of people recognize there is a Panther Lake nearby, that's all. An old man which I fulfilled at After 5 Sports Bar near the Panther Lake Safeway informed me it is still the very best largemouth bass fishing lake in the State. A good friend from church asserts that no one understands exactly how deep the lake is. He informed me that the old timers state there is an impenetrable layer of filth regarding 7 feet down but no person knows beyond that. A young businesswoman chuckled when she associated a story about going there to smoke pot when she was in High Institution. Her area has since annexed to Renton. She does not feel linked to The Lake anymore. My kid as well as his pals from Benson Hillside Elementary fished from the financial institution at the State Park entryway at the end of 116th SE. This spring a boy informed me a fishing story over morning meal at the Golden Steer dining establishment on the Benson at SE 240th. He frequently fished Panther Lake from a canoe when he attended Meeker Junior High. He gave up going since his gear kept getting tangled in the non native lily that controls the surface. He felt cleanup was a State trouble. Because redistricting, his cherished fishing opening is now in the 11th Legislative Area and he stayed in the 47th Legislative District as well as didn't see exactly how he might aid in any type of grass origins activity to Save money the Lake despite the fact that he only lives a couple of blocks away.


An impressive source for economic advancement, enhanced livability as well as outside entertainment chances is still active in the Northeastern corner of Kent Washington. This wonderful item of Dreamland can be found smack dab in the center of a financially struggling city environment. The active Benson Passage, WA 515, borders it a few blocks to the west. Panther lake is surrounded by palatial estates, center revenue real estate, made house property developments, home structures and also business facilities. The Panther Lake Great American Casino providing an incredible lunch time food selection, is one of the most familiar spots in the area.