Scotty Downrigger Base

Fishing in clear lakes and also waters is hard at best. Bass favor discolored waters and cover. Smallmouth bass and also several other varieties do not remain in clear water as well long. They need cover and oxygen which originates from weeds and turfs. Maintain in thoughts bass do not have eyelids to shut when they are in bright clear water.


Some fishermen fish during the night and some simply by day. Others will cast for bass on smaller lakes around the shore framework and weed lines. I such as casting near and around all the boat docks and also boat docks. Bass are predacious by nature and also prefer to get rid of something quickly as well as eat it. They will in fact attack the lure or attraction so you have to ensure you utilize the appropriate examination line. Anywhere from 8 - 15 extra pound examination monofilament line suffices generally. Nevertheless it will certainly depend upon what type of framework you are angling. If you are angling in thick weeds you require solid braid or higher poundage mono line to pull a big bass out of the weeds without damaging you line.