Sambo Lure

When the water temperature drops here 60 levels in the autumn, the tilapia youngsters come to be slow, making them an easy meal for your bass, which will allow your bass to get in the winter months in fantastic disorder. Also, by mid to late autumn, the initial stocked tilapia ought to have placed on several extra pounds and create huge triangular filets, you can now begin to collect for your personal dinner table. Tilapia could be captured at fish feeders relying on a range of baits that resemble the meals pellets. You can obtain quite creative on various lures to apprehend them on, yet bread balls seem to function simply great.


Largemouth bass have a ferocious appetite, as well as in order for a pool to expand fatty tissue, healthy and balanced bass there should be plenty of forage available. Tilapia, while native to the Nile Stream in Africa, have a significant aquaculture worth and are a superb supplementary forage food for your bass. As a puttinged incentive, tilapia is the number two fish in the globe's meals sector, and can be drunk by you and also your family members.