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The spawning period of the fathead minnow flies June through July, with some spawning as early as mid-May, and also including very early August. They prefer a temperature variety of 50 - 70 levels Fahrenheit, as well as spawing happens in temperature levels around 64 degrees Fahrenheit. The male takes care of eggs that the female deposits in a nest. Typically, a male fathead minnow will take over a nest website that is currently being used. It selects sites that currently contain eggs, and the more eggs in the nest, the a lot more most likely the current man will certainly be tested by a new male fathead minnow. This type of behavior is called allopathernal service, where one male displaces the various other man. Men aerate the eggs, they remove unhealthy eggs, as well as they defend eggs from predators such as crayfish. By "switching over out" the males, it enables for better survival of the eggs, as the brand-new males that take control of are "fresher" as well as a lot more fit possibly, to advance the activity of safeguarding the eggs. Each male minnow guards the site for 3 to five weeks, permitting for a "transforming of the guard". The eggs hatch in about five days.


The fathead minnow is a freshwater fish. Its habitat prolongs from Canada to Texas to Virginia as well as as much as the northeastern component of the Usa. These minnows allow a variety of environmental conditions such as reduced oxygen. They are located in wetlands, pools, and also little lakes. They have an olive-grey appearance, with a stripe along the back and sides, along with a lighter tinted tummy. There is a spot on its dorsal fin. The male has breeding tubes on its snout. They are used as feeder fish.