Penn Sargus 3000

We begin with 'the primary owner' of the Montauk waters: the Striped Bass. These candy striped powerhouses could get to a size of even more compared to a meter as well as a weight of even more compared to 20 kilo's. The Candy striped Bass is greatly popular with fishermen, due to its combating spirit and excellent taste.


The tiny village of Montauk (near New york city) is viewed by numerous as the 'sportfishing funding' of the Usa. This is generally as a result of the big presence of huge Candy striped Bass (additionally called 'stripey') in the coastal waters of Montauk. Yet, Montauk has considerably even more to offer compared to just striped bass. In this short article we supply a summary of the Montauk fish varieties (inshore as well as offshore).