Granger Rod

I'll go ahead and also say that I'm an extremely competitive person. I started playing year rounds sporting activities by age six and also I played through college. After college, I obtained involved in triathlons, experience races, as well as go across healthy competitors. So it is secure to say this is something that has actually been a huge part of my life from an extremely early age as well as remains to form the tasks I'm involved in. For the longest time, it defined that I was.


Early on in my competitive career I most likely wasn't an extremely enjoyable person to be around. I was simply as well intense and also focused on winning. That has actually slowly changed for many years. After injuries thwarted my sports occupation, I needed to begin my training from the get go. So entering a race I really did not have the weight of winning on my shoulders. Races were a lot less concerning victorying as well as a lot more about getting out and also having enjoyable and reconstructing my fitness. And an odd thing occurred; I was having more fun than when I was contending at a much greater level. All of an unexpected winning really did not matter (as significantly).