Daiwa Procyon 3000

3. Casting rods-use these with casting reels. Pound for extra pound these poles are stronger compared to rotating rods. They have smaller guides considering that the line is coming directly off the spindle. Additionally a lot more quick guides are utilized to avoid the line from touching the blank. Casting poles are used for jigging and bottom fishing as well as deal with heavier appeals compared to rotating poles.


2. Spinning Pole - my fave. These sorts of poles are the most popular today. They can be made use of either for heavyweight or light-weight fish. I suggest a 7 to 8 foot pole to make sure that it is not also long and not as well short. They are wonderful for inshore fishing. These rods are used with rotating reels thus the name spinning poles. They are excellent for newbies due to the reaction problem with casting reels. You can also cast a smaller sized appeal such as 1 to 4 ounces on a spinning pole. Consider the base of the rod where the manage is. It will certainly offer the specifications of the rod. The advised lure weight and line weight of the pole. They can be used either for heavyweight or light in weight fish. Typically speaking a high quality rod will have graphite guides distance 1 foot apart. This is the component you run your fishing line via. Action is essential as well as we will discuss that later.